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Automotive Mentoring Group

Saving Lives in Chicago

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AMG is a nonprofit organization 501(c)3 that originated to influence and change the lives of the Chicago gang population, and anyone who is looking for new opportunities through the art of automobile restoration and career opportunities.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”
-Nelson Mandela

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Automotive Mentoring Group at Work

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The Automotive Mentoring Group (A.M.G.) is a non-for profit 501©3 as recognized by the state of Illinois, since 2012. AMG supports youth and adults to develop work and life skills as they restore classic cars. We have helped more than 300 young men and women turn their lives around since it opened in 2007. Our program aids in supporting the participants in earning their high school diplomas, enroll in colleges and obtain jobs and apprenticeships in the automotive industry. AMG teaches automotive repair, including comprehensive bodywork and restoration, as well as light mechanical repair in our three to six-month programming.

We meet our participants where they are and work towards what they need and want in their lives through consistent and genuine mentorship and exposure to resources and opportunities. Our mentors range from school teachers to police officers and firefighters to experienced clinicians, and we provide the training in auto-mechanical and body-work. The participants learn how to deconstruct and rebuild a car from the outer body frame to the engine. They are also taught the basics of custom car design, sewing upholstery, installing canvas tops and carpeting, as well as painting. As our participants learn to deconstruct a car, they are taught to deconstruct and evaluate their lives and rebuild them with positive influences and new choices that come with new-found opportunities. We additionally focus on life skills, social and emotional awareness and development, and core values such as respect, integrity, and emotional intelligence. We create safe spaces for our participants to come and share their life’s challenges and to get away from their regular day experiences. One participant at a time can change an entire community.

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Automotive Mentoring Group

6522 S. Lavergne Ave

Bedford Park, IL 60638

Tel: 773.563.0034

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